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Press Release- Electric Vs. Autonomous Vehicle Race Shapes Autotech Acquirers Into Short- And Long-Term Players, Says Hampleton Partners’ M&A Report

[19th Feb 2020] The latest Autotech M&A market report from Hampleton Partners, the international technology mergers and acquisitions advisor, reveals that there is still everything to play for in the race towards the vehicle of the future, as some acquirers bet on the short-term opportunity of electric vehicle (EV) technology, while others favour the more ambitious, long-term developments in autonomous vehicle (AV) tech.

Over 15 per cent of all automotive deals tracked in 2019 related to connected car/AV technology. The area saw huge funding commitments, such as Uber Advanced Technologies Group’s $1 billion raised from Toyota and Denso; GM Cruise’s $1.15 billion raise from Softbank; and Aurora’s $350 million fundraise in a round led by Sequoia and Amazon.

However, Hampleton Partners expects to see more short-term investment and M&A activity in the electric vehicle (EV) space in 2020.

David Riemenschneider, director, Hampleton Partners, said:

“EV will benefit from the more immediate push in tech spending. Why? Because faster charging technology, and more widely available charging stations and infrastructure, are needed to meet OEMs’ sales volume expectations for the EVs they are producing.

“Those buying into AV tech are playing a longer game, looking to set standards that will surely need to be adopted in the run-up to scale this technology. We will therefore continue to see activity in the AV sector, but we predict EV tech and associated infrastructure will see the most substantial growth over the more immediate time frame.”

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Hampleton’s Autotech M&A report analyses transactions, trends and activity across the Enterprise Applications, Internet Commerce & Content, Embedded Software & Systems, and Mobility & Fleet Management segments of the sector.

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David Riemenschneider continued:
“While we have seen the R&D funds of OEMs and Tier-1s shift away from autonomous vehicle tech and towards technology considered more market-ready, such as ADAS[1] features and the deployment of electric vehicles, overall M&A and fundraising activity remains robust across the board in all autotech sectors.

“Connectivity solutions, advanced ADAS, in-cabin entertainment platforms and advances in engine electronics allowing smaller ICE engines to produce more power – these are all areas that will see M&A and fundraising activity through the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.”

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