ESCRYPT and the Security division of NTT Ltd. form partnership to protect millions of vehicles from cyber attacks

[13th Mar 2020] The risk of cybersecurity incidents due to targeted, uncontrolled attacks is growing rapidly with increasing automotive connectivity and the digitalization of vehicle functions and services. In order to detect and ward off these attacks, the automotive industry needs end-to-end solutions that combine vehicle security with continuous monitoring and central security management. To ensure vehicles are protected, the Security division of NTT Ltd., one of the world’s leading IT technology and service providers, and the automotive security specialist ESCRYPT are now bringing their expertise together. From now on, the two companies will be offering joint solutions that are specially designed to enable the cyber resilience of vehicle fleets.

ESCRYPT is a pioneer and the leading supplier of automotive security solutions. With an extensive portfolio of security software, the company already successfully provides vehicle attack detection and defense solutions. However, automotive manufacturers and fleet operators do not simply require these protection systems in the vehicles, they also need them in the wireless network and all the way to their backend. This means it is crucial to monitor all IT and telecommunication systems associated with the connected car throughout the vehicle lifecycle to detect anomalies and shield the systems from attack. Providing effective protection for the growing number of connected cars therefore calls for additional IT infrastructures and processes.

“Even so, it’s not possible to simply transfer traditional IT security solutions to the use case of the ‘connected vehicle.’ In-depth automotive expertise is essential to meet the automotive industry’s specific security requirements in terms of safety, legislation, and regulations, for example. This expertise is what ESCRYPT brings to the table,” explains Holger Breuing, Director of Strategy & Portfolio Management at ESCRYPT. “We’re working with the Security division of NTT Ltd. to offer automotive manufacturers and fleet operators security operations services and solutions that are tailored to the industry’s special requirements.”

Matt Gyde, CEO of NTT Ltd.’s Security division, adds, “Secure connected vehicles are a key component of overall IoT development and critically important for automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, and consumers. The requirements are unique and complex, going well beyond traditional IT platforms. By teaming together, NTT Ltd.’s Security division and ESCRYPT can deliver our extensive security advisory, managed security and technical and support services in the connected vehicle space to our clients, enabling them to take a proactive stance and minimize investment risk.”

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