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Press Release- Red Hat Fuels Omnitracs to Deliver Cloud-Native Fleet Management Innovation

[20th Feb 2020] Using Red Hat OpenShift, Omnitracs One platform builds on Kubernetes, Linux containers and open development practices to redefine logistics and transportation software

Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that Omnitracs, LLC, the global pioneer of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, has delivered its Omnitracs One platform, the next-generation of fleet management innovation, on the foundation of Red Hat OpenShift. Using the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform along with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Omnitracs One is a completely cloud-native offering and provides an enhanced user experience with a clear path towards future innovations.

The transportation industry is undergoing a digital revolution and Omnitracs engaged Red Hat as the partner to help accelerate its own transformation efforts. Omnitracs wanted to build upon proven, cloud-native technologies, but with the backing of enterprise-grade support and expertise. The company selected Red Hat based on its reputation for supporting flexible, open technologies in production environments, as well as its knowledge and leadership in enabling cloud-native innovation.

With Red Hat’s expertise and guidance, Omnitracs was able to effectively embrace a shift from on-premises development technologies to cloud-native services, improving overall operations and creating a more collaborative development process culture. Omnitracs One benefits commercial fleets of all sizes through a superior driver experience, a comprehensive library of third-party integrations, device independence and exchangeable data across operations.

The team also enhanced several capabilities, including:

  • Driving wholesale transformation across the Omnitracs One platform and the entire development process.
  • Improving the reliability, scalability and overall platform security of the Omnitracs One solution
  • Reducing development time to bring new features to market and more quickly address changing customer needs

Red Hat’s collaboration with Omnitracs extended beyond technology development, with Red Hat providing training and strategic guidance on product deployment through Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. The Red Hat team also trained the Omnitracs staff on the entire development process, teaching them how to use powerful cloud-based toolchains to create new applications for a cloud-native future.

Although the initial project is complete, Omnitracs and Red Hat are continuing their work together through various community initiatives, including a recent codefest to improve the Truckers Against Trafficking mobile application. Red Hat and Omnitracs plan to continue these initiatives in the future to further enhance the transportation industry through cloud-native solutions.

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