Autonomous Vehicle

Project ASLAN- an open source self-driving software platform

Project ASLAN launched an open-source self-driving software platform, offers real-world self-driving capability validated by public highway trials also as complete simulation capability for users without access to driverless vehicle hardware.

Engineers can freely download the software at The innate tooling has been designed by engineers for engineers, says Project ASLAN. It also gets video tutorials and quick start guides so users can easily install and run an autonomous vehicle or a simulation in under a half-hour.

ASLAN is powered by the ROS framework, which has been employed in many robotics solutions for varying applications, having assembled an estimated user community of up to 16,000 automotive and self-driving engineers and developers who already use ROS.

Project ASLAN aims to enhance safety while increasing affordability & accessibility of transport networks.

The objective behind Project ASLAN is to specialize in the facility of engineering collaboration to enable fast deployment of self-driving solutions. The group welcomes new startups and individuals who share ASLAN’s ambition as the promise of autonomous vehicles has been unfulfilled for too long, said by Mike Potts, CEO of StreetDrone, one among founder members of Project ASLAN.

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