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Push Start Auto, a new peer-to-peer car sharing platform

Entrepreneurs Andre and Tyeasha Harris were so taken with the potential of car sharing as a viable business they tested it out leasing their own vehicles to see if there would be a demand.

Inspired by the overwhelming response to their business experiment, the Harrises recently decided to introduce an innovative Atlanta-based company called Push Start Auto, a new peer-to-peer car-sharing platform built to help consumers find affordable and flexible vehicle leasing while enabling car owners to monetize their assets.

Imagine it as car ownership that creates an ongoing source of income rather than becoming a daunting and costly monthly expense.

The Push Start Auto platform will be designed to provide buyers and sellers with a fully comprehensive marketplace on its app, suited to take sellers and consumers through a full transaction process. Sellers will have the ability to list their vehicles on the platform for free and consumers will be able to contact sellers directly.

“At PSA, our mission statement is ‘Give to Receive and Receive to Give’,” said Andre, co-founder of Push Start Auto. “We could not ask others to do something we were not willing to do ourselves. As it stands today, car owners have applied for and racked up $1.3 trillion in auto loans. This has left consumers with the perception that their vehicle is an added expense rather than an asset they can leverage to generate monthly cash flow. PSA wants to empower people to become digital dealerships that offer month-to-month leases to interested consumers.”

The top benefits of the Push Start Auto marketplace platform include:


  • Monetize their assets monthly as a way to consistently generate
  • a predictable cash flow.
  • Offer flexible month-to-month leasing contracts and lease-to-own options on a peer-to-peer basis.
  • Act as a dealer for their own vehicle.
  • Sellers will also have the ability to verify a buyer’s income and basic demographic information, letting them decide if the buyer is a good fit.


  • No long-term commitments as consumers can engage in highly flexible leasing options through verified sellers without having to deal with the traditional dealership process.
  • Unique lease-to-own options where buyers can pay their normal monthly payment and after a specific amount of time will retain ownership of the vehicle with a seamless transfer of title all through the marketplace.
  • Avoid large upfront insurance and car registration costs as these expenses have already been completed for the buyer.


  • Equity-based crowdfunding will enable investors to invest in automobiles in all 50 states through using digital dealerships on the company’s platform. The cars that are funded by the members will be listed on the PSA app, and each time the vehicles are leased out, the members will receive revenue shares based on their membership.
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