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Qualcomm and Great Wall Motor work to deliver premium smart mobility experiences for next-generation intelligently connected and autonomous vehicles

Great Wall Motor will use the autonomous driving system powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon Ride™ Platform in its premium production vehicles starting in 2022

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Great Wall Motor Company Limited (GWM) announced the companies’ working relationship in autonomous driving, under which GWM will use the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Ride™ Platform to build its advanced intelligent driving system of high computing power—GWM “Coffee Intelligence” system—and adopt the system in its premium production vehicles starting in 2022. GWM is among the first automakers in China to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride Platform. The expanding relationship between the two companies will facilitate accelerated commercialization of autonomous driving and delivery of new driving experiences that meet the demand in future smart mobility scenarios.

The Snapdragon Ride Platform, one of the automotive industry’s most advanced, scalable and open automated driving solutions, aims to address the complexity of autonomous driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) use cases across industry segments by leveraging its high-performance, power-efficient hardware, industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and pioneering autonomous driving stack to deliver a comprehensive, cost and energy efficient systems solution for multiple classes of vehicles. The Snapdragon Ride Platform is built on scalable and modular heterogenous high-performance multi-core CPUs, energy efficient AI and computer vision (CV) engines and cutting-edge GPU to support multiple segments of autonomous driving and offer industry-leading thermal efficiency.

The new GWM “Coffee Intelligence” system based on the Snapdragon Ride Platform will provide leading computing performance with its exceptional computing power at industry leading power efficiency. The GWM “Coffee Intelligence” system supports multiple high-resolution cameras and offers users L2+ and L3 intelligent driving capabilities with multi-source heterogenous sensors. Moreover, paired with an upgraded solution featuring two standard high-computing power platforms, this intelligent driving system can deliver computing power of 700+ TOPS and reserve sufficient hardware capabilities and computational redundancy for L4/L5 and more complicated full-scenario autonomous driving capabilities.

“GWM and Qualcomm Technologies have deep and longstanding relationship across many technology areas. The Snapdragon Ride Platform brings forth Qualcomm Technologies’ deep expertise in computing, AI, connectivity and security, and is designed for demanding automotive safety,” said Lei Xian, vice president of sales and business development, Qualcomm International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. “We are pleased to support GWM’s technological innovation with this solution to build next-generation premium vehicles for multiple segments of autonomous driving.”

“Data explosion in the era of AI has driven a huge demand for data processing throughput and computing power. Thanks to the high computing capabilities and scalability of the Snapdragon Ride Platform, GWM will be able to offer comprehensive multi-segment capabilities in our future vehicles, from driver assistance system to high-level autonomous driving,” said Kai Zhang, Head of Intelligent Driving, Great Wall Motor. “This advanced autonomous driving technology will enable the transformation of GWM from automaker to the ‘global mobility technology company’.”

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