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RAN Wireless adds fleet tracking to its offerings

United States: RAN Wireless is saving business owners thousands of dollars with its integrated fleet tracking technology. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of fleet tracking more than ever as fleet services were determined to be essential with e-commerce experiencing exponential growth, increasing the need for trucking and deliveries.

According to a recently released study, the Smart Fleet Management Market was estimated at USD 525 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 900 billion by 2026. Smart fleet management – or fleet tracking – involves vehicle tracking, safety management, speed management, vehicle maintenance and more.

While many companies have adopted some type of fleet tracking technology, RAN Wireless is disrupting the industry by simplifying large enterprise operations with a full spectrum of managed data services. Whereas most fleet tracking companies only track or run diagnostics of vehicles, Department of Transportation-certified RAN technology provides a full array of hardware and a free app to track assets and receive field reports. RAN offers DOT and IFTA reports, E logging, temperature sensors and more, in addition to tracking and running vehicle diagnostics.

“The best thing about this technology is it’s a one-stop shop. Most business owners have to get their tracking information from one company, and then they get their reporting from another vendor. It’s burdensome to track all these different bills and data,” says RAN Wireless CEO Marc DeCarlo. “In addition to offering companies thousands of dollars in savings with our technology, we make their businesses more productive and efficient by simplifying the overall fleet tracking process.”

One of RAN’s customers, A to Z Trucking, has been able to optimize routes while saving $100,000 in the past year.

“The RAN Tracking solution has allowed us to decrease costs by 25 percent, from the fuel we are saving thanks to the route optimization and tighter controls on where our fleet is at any moment,” explains Chip Taylor, Owner of A to Z Trucking. “We also have saved a minimum of $100,000 in just one year by using footage captured by RAN’s cameras from a highway accident one of our drivers was in. Without the video evidence, he would have been blamed for this accident, costing the company more than $100,000 in attorneys’ fees alone.”

RAN Wireless’s fleet tracking technology is scalable for fleets of any size.

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