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RoboSense Launches LiDAR Perception Solution to Support Robo Taxi Development

RoboSense has launched a LiDAR perception solution for Robo Taxi –RS-Fusion-P5– in markets outside China. The solution was first launched in China last month. Equipped with an RS-Ruby and four RS-Bpearl, the RS-Fusion-P5, as per company claims, can be the alternative to Waymo’s LiDAR solution, further accelerating the development of Robo Taxi.

RS-Ruby is a LiDAR with 128 beams for L4 and L5 autonomous driving. Its vertical resolution is more than 3 times that of the RS-LiDAR-32,reaching 0.1° and the full detection distance is increased by 2~3 times,which can meet the further demand of high-speed autonomous driving. According to the company, it can achieve unprecedented safety and reliability apart from meeting the automotive-grade requriment of working under -40°C. It also can achieve breakthrough in all-weather condition,and tolerates interference of multi-LiDAR and various types of ambient light.

RS-Bpearl is a short-range LiDAR designed specifically for the detection of blind spots. Loaded with signal processing technology, RS-Bpearl claims to detect objects within a few centimeters, plus a 360°x 90° super wide field of view and detect the blind spots around the vehicle. It has a modular design that comes with reduces costs while making the product more flexible, compact and customizable.

The combination of RS-Ruby and RS-Bpearl provides a new environment perception solution for Robo-Taxi. It uses an RS-Ruby on top of the vehicle to ensure a sensing range with a radius of more than 200 meters. However, even if the vertical field of view (FOV) of RS-Ruby reaches the angles from -25° to +15°, there is still a small blind zone around the vehicle body. Therefore, to cover the small blind zone, 4 RS-BPearl embedded sideways around the vehicle form a hemisphere FOV scanning area relative to the vehicle’s perspective, to ensure a complete 360° surrounding view.

The RS-Fusion-P5 solution fuses point clouds from RS-Ruby and RS-BPearl in real-time, and generate laser points of more than 4,600,000pts per second. Through its advanced AI perception algorithms, multi-sensor fusion and synchronization interfaces, vehicles are able to identify all-around obstacles and position easily and precisely, claims the company.

RoboSense supplies LiDAR technologies to a wide range of domestic and international autonomous driving technology companies, OEMs, and tier 1 suppliers. Some of its partners are SAIC, BAIC, Baidu, Cainiao Network,, ControlWorks, Aidrivers etc. In China, RoboSense has received more than 300 million RMB in strategic investments from Alibaba’s Cainiao Network, SAIC, and BAIC.

Source: Press Release

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