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RoboSense reached strategic partnership with Horizon Robotics to accelerate large-scale implementation of high-level autonomous driving solutions

RoboSense announced a strategic partnership with Horizon Robotics, a global pioneer in edge AI computing platforms. The two partners will mobilize their respective technological capacity and mass production experience to roll out in-depth cooperation focusing on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, robotics, new intelligent transportation infrastructure and other applications.

Leveraging its leading smart LiDAR software and hardware technologies, RoboSense will join hands with Horizon Robotics to promote the large-scale commercialization of all segments of intelligent connected vehicle.

According to the partnership agreement, based on RoboSense’s second generation smart solid-state LiDAR RS-LiDAR-M1 (hereinafter referred to as “M1”) and Horizon Robotics’ Journey 3 and Journey 5 automotive smart chips, the two companies will collaborate on the development and adaptation of integrated perception solutions for high-level autonomous driving pre-installed mass production. In the future, the partners will mobilize their respective advantageous industry resources to jointly promote the all-round standardized implementation of the domestic intelligent connected transportation industry.

Dr. Chunxin Qiu, founder and CEO of RoboSense:

” This strategic partnership will form a greater joint force and empower the two companies to create more visionary intelligent driving product solutions for the industry, to jointly build a prosperous ecology of the vehicle intelligence industry and advance the development of the intelligent connected transportation industry. “

Dr. Kai Yu, founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics:

” Through this strategic partnership, the two companies will fully complement each other with respective advantageous resources, jointly explore cutting-edge technologies and promote the mass production and large-scale implementation of pioneering intelligent driving solutions of the industry, leveraging technological innovation to build a safer and better smart mobility experience for the future. “

RoboSense is currently the only company in China to realize the automotive-grade domestic mass production of pre-installed LiDAR. Its second generation smart solid-state LiDAR, M1, has obtained pre-installed fixed-point project orders from multiple brands including GAC AION, WM Motor, ZEEKR, Lotus Cars, Inceptio and Zhito, covering models including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Horizon Robotics is a global leader in edge AI computing platforms based on the forward-looking concept of software and hardware integration As the only company in China to realize the automotive-grade domestic mass production of pre-installed AI chips, Horizon Robotics has reached intended partnership on priority mass production delivery with multiple car manufacturers including SAIC Motor, GWM, JAC Group, Changan Auto and BYD.

RoboSense and Horizon Robotics have a profound partnership history. The two companies announced intended partnership as early as 2019, and have been discussing and exploring innovations and integration solutions of vehicle intelligence technology, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of long-term and stable partnership achievements in the future.

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