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Samsara launches Fleet Benchmarks Report to help customers understand performance metrics and set informed goals

Samsara, the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, announced its Fleet Benchmarks Report to provide customers with contextualized, actionable data. This new report leverages Samsara’s broad dataset to allow customers to compare their safety and efficiency metrics to similar fleets, which provides insight into how they’re trending relative to their peer set. This will ultimately help organizations better understand their own performance, identify areas for improvement, and set informed goals.

The Connected Operations Cloud from Samsara provides more than 20,000 customers with real-time visibility into important safety and efficiency data. Even with this visibility, it can be challenging for organizations to know how their business is performing without access to industry benchmarks or an internal data science team to help reveal the “bigger picture.”

Samsara’s Fleet Benchmarks Report provides this context by enabling customers to compare safety and efficiency metrics with similar fleets across three key areas: harsh events (harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and harsh turns), speeding (light, moderate, heavy, and severe), and idling. To ensure these benchmarks are accurate and helpful, Samsara groups every organization into a fleet segment with similar driving characteristics (including vehicle type, vehicle utilization, and average trip length).

By using the Fleet Benchmarks Report, customers can now see how they compare to the top 10% of their fleet segment, the average of their fleet segment, or all Samsara customers for a selected time period. Access to this kind of contextualized data allows for more informed business decisions—making it possible for organizations to identify potential areas of improvement and set accurate goals.

“Our customers are in a unique position to unlock powerful insights from their data given the industries and environments they operate in. But they often face challenges such as insufficient data, siloed systems and slow time-to-insights,” explained Ali Akhtar, head of big data & machine learning at Samara. “With the Fleet Benchmarks Report, Samsara’s machine learning algorithms take on the heavy lifting so that our customers can focus on what matters most—accessing the data they need to drive strategic business decisions.”

Akhtar continued, “For example, while a fleet may have an idling rate that appears high, the Fleet Benchmarks Report may reveal that they’re actually performing in the top 10% of their peer group, meaning they have a relatively low idling rate. Because of this contextualized data, this fleet can make a more informed decision to prioritize another operational program, like improving safety, rather than reducing the idling rate.”

Samsara’s Fleet Benchmarks Report enables customers to:

  • Understand key performance metrics with contextualized, actionable data. Customers can now see how their fleet is performing across key safety and efficiency metrics compared to similar organizations.
  • Confidently inform business decisions with insights from trillions of anonymized data points. The breadth and scope of Samsara’s data ensures AI and machine learning models have the necessary volume and diversity of data to provide intelligent and anonymized insights, backed by Samsara’s team of dedicated data scientists.
  • Transform your organization with consolidated safety and efficiency data. Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform brings all your data together in one place, making it easier to report, analyze, and act across your fleet.

Samsara customers have traveled on 99% of major roads throughout the United States, and the company collects more than 2 trillion data points annually from IoT devices used by customers from a wide range of industries. By organizing and analyzing these large volumes of data at scale—while taking the necessary measures to ensure complete customer privacy—Samsara unlocks operational insights for its customers that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

“The Fleet Benchmarks Report provides quantitative indicators, helping us coach, mentor, and recognize our driver team members—ultimately maximizing the services to our community,” said Jose Campuzano, director of logistics at Houston Food Bank. “The Fleet Benchmarks Report helps us be the best in class in our industry. It’s a great operating tool to incorporate in our role fighting food insecurity.”

Today, data is an essential part of connected operations. Samsara‘s Fleet Benchmarks Report is secured and anonymized to protect the privacy of its customers. All data about a fleet segment is always anonymized and expressed in aggregated terms (like average, median, or top 10%) in compliance with Samsara’s contractual terms with customers. Furthermore, Samsara ensures that each fleet segment contains at least 100 unique customers so an outside party cannot identify an individual customer based on the behavior of a broader fleet segment.

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