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Saudi Arabia aims for EV manufacturing leadership

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, last year launched Ceer, the kingdom’s first electric vehicle brand. Ceer Motors will focus on Middle East market. Ceer, which translates to the Arabic word for “drive forward” will be available in 2025.

Lucid Group recently opened its Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-2) in Saudi Arabia. This is Lucid’s first international plant. This facility will produce Lucid’s electric vehicles for Saudi Arabia and export to other markets. Saudi Arabia has agreed to buy 100,000 vehicle from Lucid manufacturing plant over 10 years. Initially AMp-2 will assemble 5,000 units.

Saudi Arabia is also in early talks Tesla to set up a manufacturing facility in the kingdom

Saudi officials have long talked of becoming a manufacturing hub for both petrol-powered and electric cars as part of the kingdom’s wider industrial strategy and its plans to tackle climate change. It says it wants to make 500,000 evs a year by 2030, roughly equivalent to annual demand for cars in Saudi Arabia today.

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