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India: RR Global unveils its electric scooters

RR Global, Mumbai based company, operating under RR Kabel has a strong presence in the electrical industry. The group has entered the electric two-wheeler market in India under the BGauss brand and will be launching two new electric scooters- A2 and B8 in August. Both offerings are being manufactured in Pune.

The BGAUSS A2 is a slow-speed electric scooter, i.e. is capable of a maximum speed of 25 km/h, while the BGAUSS B8 e scooter is claimed to offer a top speed of 50 km/h. As mentioned above, both these electric scooters will be available with a choice between battery options, i.e. lead acid and lithium-ion. However, the company will offer the B8 electric scooter with a top of the range LI Technology variant. 

Both BGAUSS A2 and B8 electric scooters will be available with a plethora of modern features, such as digital display, keyless start, smartphone app, etc. In addition to that, the scooters will also get USB charging, reverse assist, side stand sensor, and three riding modes, namely: Low, Mid, and High. Furthermore, B8 (Lithium ion) gets Bluetooth connectivity, whereas B8 LI Technology gets IoT features such as navigation assist, ride metrics, remote diagnostics, live tracking, geo-fencing, full charge alerts, etc.

There are colour options to choose from as well; BGAUSS’ upcoming electric scooters in India will be available with colour options such as Blue, White, and Grey.


Top speed: 25 km/h 
Riding range: 110 km
Charging time (0-100 per cent): 7-8 hours (Lead acid)/ 2 hours 15 minutes (Lithium ion)


Top speed: 50 km/h
Riding range: 78 km (Lead-acid)/ 70 km (Lithium-ion and LI Technology)
Riding range: 7-8 hours (Lead-acid)/ 3 hours (Lithium-ion and LI Technology)


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