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Self-Driving Prototype Jaguar I-Pace on Dubai Streets

Jaguar Land Rover engineers recently tested a self-driving prototype Jaguar I-PACE on the streets of Dubai demonstrating the company’s latest autonomous driving research technologies.

Jaguar Land Rover is working on Destination Zero mission that aims using autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicle (ACES) technologies to make societies safer and healthier, and the environment cleaner

The prototype Jaguar I-PACE was modified to include enhanced vehicle detection and avoidance capabilities through a combination of radar and cameras, alongside a traffic light detection system. The vehicle’s speed and steering, from stationary up to highway speed, was also controlled autonomously during test drives, with the system following routes from a detailed HD map showing route location and a detailed bird’s-eye view of junctions.

Jaguar Land Rover has successfully completed real-world testing of the technology on complicated inner-city roads in the UK and continues to collaborate with academia and industry to accelerate innovation. The company shares similar goals to Dubai’s government with regards to mobility and sustainability.

Source: Press Release

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