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Siemens Mobility intends to acquire SCATS® traffic controller provider

ATC is a main player in the Asia-Pacific market for urban traffic management, where SCATS® is the predominant technology

Siemens Mobility has initiated proceedings for the acquisition of Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC), a main player in the market for urban traffic control and SCATS® customers around the world. ATC is one of a few companies holding a license to distribute the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS®), a holistic, innovative and scalable system of traffic management software and SCATS® type approved controllers. Through the intended acquisition, SCATS® customers will get access to Siemens Mobility’s broad Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) product and solution portfolio as well as global ITS domain competence. Furthermore, the intended acquisition of ATC will allow Siemens Mobility to strengthen its core business of traffic management and expand its footprint and operations in the APAC region, one of the fastest growing markets for traffic management. As a result of this intended acquisition, Siemens Mobility will be able to provide the entire chain of major adaptive traffic control systems globally.

“We believe this strategic acquisition will greatly enhance our ability to offer innovative, comprehensive and adaptive traffic management solutions,” said Markus Schlitt, CEO of Siemens Mobility Intelligent Traffic Systems. “This important association will allow us access to a worldwide base of installed traffic controllers and will position Siemens Mobility to become an established ITS player in the fast-growing APAC region, further increasing our market share for adaptive traffic management systems.”

SCATS® accounts for one third of the adaptive traffic control systems globally with installations in around 190 cities in 28 countries. With around 80% of the installations located in APAC, it is the predominant traffic control system in the region. The system is owned by Transport for New South Wales, Australia.

In addition to manufacturing SCATS®-compliant traffic signal controllers for the world market, ATC provides a variety of services such as traffic signal design, traffic engineering, traffic management consulting as well as training.If the acquisition is approved by the authorities, ATC will be managed as a legally independent company under the roof of the Intelligent Traffic Systems business unit within Siemens Mobility.

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