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ŠKODA Connect Now Available via Google Home

Intelligent voice assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, are becoming increasingly popular and make everyday life easier. ŠKODA has taken this into account and has announced that now its online services, ŠKODA Connect can also be used via Google Home The brand has also expanded the functions of Alexa Skill.

ŠKODA Connect include a wide range of services, which are divided into two main categories: the new Infotainment Online services and Care Connect services. Infotainment Online services are available in every vehicle equipped with the Amundsen or Columbus navigation systems and comprise Online Traffic Information, Petrol Stations, Parking Spaces, News and Weather services. Care Connect services include eCall, Proactive Services.

ŠKODA Connect Amazon Skill and the new Google Home ŠKODA Connect Action extend functions. With both voice assistants, the current parking location and vehicle data can be accessed easily and conveniently from home via ŠKODA Connect. Now the data and information about a ŠKODA vehicle can be queried in English, through Google Home. In addition, the latest version of the Amazon voice assistant Alexa Skill can call up information specific to electric vehicles. In all ŠKODA iV models, Alexa now understands English, French and German as well as Spanish and Italian.

Some of the other new features introduced by the automaker are:

Remote vehicle unlocking and status query via Google Home
With the first version of the new Google Home ŠKODA Connect Action, it will initially be possible to access information and control the vehicle remotely in English – other languages will be available soon. The voice assistant can, for example, communicate the vehicle and engine type as well as the current vehicle status and submit a vehicle status report. Google Home can inform users of the oil level and the next dates for an oil change and inspection, as well as the current fuel level and driving range. Driving data such as distance travelled, average fuel consumption and speed and mileage can be accessed, as well as the last parking location. The voice assistant can also advise whether all the windows and doors are closed, the lights are off and the ŠKODA vehicle is locked.

New languages for Alexa Skill and new functions for voice assistants
After updating to the latest version, the voice assistant ŠKODA Connect Alexa Skill, which was introduced in 2018, now understands questions in five languages in all ŠKODA models: in addition to English, French and German, it can now also communicate in Spanish and Italian. In the all-electric ŠKODA CITIGO? iV and the ŠKODA SUPERB iV with plug-in hybrid drive, voice assistants can be used to query the current status of the lithium-ion battery as well as the charge level and the corresponding electrical range. The air conditioning or heating can also be controlled by voice command before a journey. In addition, charging can be started or stopped remotely.

 Source: Skoda

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