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Smart Eye to Showcase Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Smart Eye, a Driver Monitoring Systems company, is showcasing artificial intelligence technologies to provide the next level in automotive safety and convenience at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company will showcase its next generation of eye tracking technology featuring drowsy ,distracted driver detection, and face ID and face expression for emotion detection. To extend the intelligence to the entire cabin, Smart Eye is introducing interior sensing. Tomorrow’s cars will be able to identify people, pets and everyday objects for an enhanced passenger experience. This enables future safety and convenience features such as checking passenger position before air bag deployment, intuitive entertainment interfaces, in-car deliveries and preventing sleeping children from being left behind.

Finally – in a vehicle environment – the company will showcase how the sum of the whole is bigger than the parts by integrating DMS and Interior Sensing. The company claims that the algorithms developed to run on many platforms, and can make full use of the car’s existing infrastructure. A robust, scalable and cost-efficient solution built on 20 years of automotive experience.

Today Smart Eye’s technology is primarily used to enhance critical safety applications through driver monitoring systems, a vital prerequisite on the way towards fully autonomous cars. Tomorrow’s cabin sensing features will include detection of occupants, safety belt status and forgotten objects, and other extended functionality. This view of what is happening inside the vehicle can ultimately help the car to seamlessly transfer control of the vehicle to an awake and able driver, call for help in a medical emergency, or simply offer to play the perfect song for the moment.

Source: Press Release

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