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Smartwatch for Drivers: The Future of Road Safety

In the last couple of years, numerous smart watches have been on the market giving us the basic features of the smartphone without completely throwing away our handset for good. It has caught our attention with its portable and lightweight features that gives us functionality beyond timekeeping such as notification centers, easy searches online, reminder assistance, and more.
Apart from top mobile companies, a lot of car manufactures are now joining the wearable bandwagon by maximizing their tech capabilities to benefit the drivers, especially in terms of safety. In this post, we will show you everything you need to know about the future of wearable in the automobile industry.

Smart watches from automakers

Modern watches are poised to be the next must-have item for tech aficionados. These wearables allow users to conveniently check on their e-mails and even make calls without the hassle of having to pull their smartphone out of their pocket. Today, the market is not only limited to the mobile companies who also gave us powerful smart handsets, but also to the leading car manufacturers that wants to revolutionize the automobile industry. Automakers such as Nissan and Mercedes-Benz know that there is a potential market for modern wrist devices connected to cars such as wearable technology that can link drivers intimately with their cars.
Nissan was the first one to announce its Dick Tracy-like device and Mercedes-Benz followed its course by unveiling its strategic partnership with Pebble Technology. Nissan’s smartwatch is designed to connect with its NISMO model variants including 370Z, Juke, and GT-R, allowing its users to acquire all sorts of driving data such as driving telemetry, vehicle speed, fuel consumption, and even the driver’s heart rate. On the other hand, Mercedes’ device has key functions that can help car owners to detect and locate their car. Although they don’t have a device to feature yet, BMW released their iRemote app that allows the Samsung Gear S to view and control their latest car functionalities via the small-screened device. Its other functions include lock and unlock door control, GPS directions to locate the car, and prime ventilation system controller.
Indeed, car companies indeed revolutionized the automobile industry as well as the mobile world. 
Wearables as an aid to traffic

Aside from automakers, traffic information provider Inrix has integrated mobile technology into cars. They have collaborated with Samsung to utilize their new lineup of mobile devices, including Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and Gear S to incorporate their updates on real-time traffic via their travel app. It also provides information on accidents on your route, the closest available private parking, and the least expensive place to gas up. These types of innovations enhance our roadway experience, especially in terms of safety by communicating and connecting with our handsets hands-free without the need to get it out from your bag or pocket, O2 said. 
Danger of using smartwatch while driving 

While these devices are useful for drivers, it has its predicaments, too. Smartwatches come in handy for checking e-mails notifications, status updates and the like, making it a good alternative to smartphones while on the road. However, lawmakers now wanted to discourage drivers from using it as it put their lives in jeopardy as official figures show that between 2010 and 2012, more than 54,000 accidents were caused by distracted motorists. Although, using a device behind the wheel isn’t outright banned as of the moment, but you may be charged for dangerous driving, careless and inconsiderate driving, failure to be in proper control of the vehicle, or driving without due care and attention which can possibly lead for a driver to be in bars for two years. 
Driving and mobile technology 
As the technology offers us more means to provide a better and easier way to do our daily activities, such as driving our car; we can soon expect an increase in the number of devices for car owners in assisting their safety on the road. Today, more car companies are considering the concept of wearables and are planning to release their own wrist technology including electrocardiogram (for the heart), electroencephalogram (for the brain), and skin temperature monitoring.

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