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Socionext to demonstrate automotive custom SoC solutions at CES 2023

Socionext Inc. will showcase its automotive custom SoC technologies at the CES 2023. Socionext’s advanced custom solutions are designed to help OEMs and tier-one automakers achieve complete ownership of key differentiating technologies with an added competitive edge. These custom SoCs enable a wide range of applications, including ADAS sensors, central computing, networking, in-cabin monitoring, satellite connectivity, and infotainment.

Smart Display Controller for Automotive Remote Display

Socionext’s highly integrated ISO26262-certified SC1721/ SC1722/ SC1723 Series Graphics Display Controllers feature built-in safety mechanisms that enable error-free, safety-critical content to meet the safety standards required by today’s multi-display cockpit applications.

Low Power 60GHz RF CMOS Radar Sensors with Embedded Sensing Engine and Built-in Antenna for In-Cabin Monitoring

Socionext has created a variety of smart RADAR solutions, including 24GHz and 60GHz, and has developed a roadmap showcasing future technologies.

The Socionext 60GHz RF CMOS sensor has features and capabilities to support multiple in-cabin uses, including seat occupancy monitoring, child presence detection, and theft prevention.

Advanced AI Solutions for Automotive

Socionext has partnered with artificial intelligence provider BrainChip to develop optimized, intelligent sensor data solutions based on Brainchip’s Akida® processor IP.

BrainChip’s flexible AI processing fabric IP delivers neuromorphic, event-based computation, enabling ultimate performance while minimizing silicon footprint and power consumption. Sensor data can be analyzed in real-time with distributed, high-performance and low-power edge inferencing, resulting in improved response time and reduced energy consumption.

Creating a proprietary chip requires a complex, highly structured framework with a complete support system for addressing each phase of the development process. With extensive experience in custom SoC development, Socionext uses state-of-the-art process technologies, such as 7nm and 5nm, to produce automotive-grade SoCs that ensure functional safety while accelerating software development and system verification.

Socionext is committed to offering the optimal combination of IPs, design expertise, software development and support to implement large-scale, fully customizable automotive SoC solutions to meet the most demanding and rigorous automotive application performance requirements.

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