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Solera announces advances in Break-through AI solution Qapter, in collaboration with Google Cloud, to drive speed, savings and scale in automotive claims management

Innovative solution combines the latest cloud technology and computer vision to reinvent the claims workflow

Solera Holdings, Inc., a global leader in risk and asset management data and software solutions for the insurance and automotive industries, announced new updates regarding its revolutionary A.I.-based, end-to-end claims management platform, Qapter.

Qapter enables collision repair ecosystem participants to accelerate the introduction of A.I. in their workflows, without the risks, costs and limitations inherent in point solutions. A collaboration between Qapter’s A.I. and Google Cloud infrastructure enables the solution to scale globally, and for any vehicle make and model.

In the automotive claims industry, moving rapidly from photo to estimate is one of the most difficult problems to solve. Where other solutions use simple statistical algorithms to project an estimate from an image, Solera uses proven Repair ScienceTM, based on over 40 years of historical vehicle and claims data, to build more precise and accurate estimates, quickly, consistently, and at scale.

Using only the damage photos and vehicle identification number, Qapter determines the most intelligent repair operations, resulting in a line-by-line estimate with parts number and parts price details. This provides unmatched speed and workflow transparency between insurance providers, assessors, repair shops, leasing companies and drivers, saving time and money at every stage of the claim.

“Our strategic vision for the future of the insurance market requires disruptive thinking, ambition and laser focus to deliver the best A.I.-powered solutions that can scale at a global level. Our unmatched data and superior A.I. leveraging Google’s industry-leading technology allows us to drive the next generation of Solera’s product and service excellence with speed and precision,” said Darko Dejanovic, Chief Executive Officer of Solera.

By using Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), Vision API, Google Kubernetes Engine, and other tools across Google Cloud, Solera has gained significant speed in training models that already incorporate over 300 million historical claims and one billion historical images, making it possible to speed distribution and deployment of the company’s Qapter platform to customers in nearly 90 countries around the world.

With Solera’ proven claims management infrastructure already in place to manage many aspects of the workflow, the implementation of new visual intelligence capabilities available from Qapter helps insurers and repairers save time, speed up the claims process and increase customer satisfaction. Along with the ability to support customer self-service, faster car rental returns and smoother lease returns, Qapter empowers customers with more control over their claims experience and gets them back on the road faster.

“Machine learning continues to open doors for businesses looking to create a new era of data-driven innovation,” said Craig Wiley, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud AI Platform. “Solera is fostering outstanding customer experiences, building new products and services, and working to automate parts of its business by using artificial intelligence powered by Google Cloud. We are excited to be a part of this journey.”

“We have a significant number of proprietary A.I. algorithms that we are continuously enhancing to increase value to our customers, and the Google Cloud ecosystem has saved substantial time for our developers, with numerous integrations and continued investment in new tools and capabilities that augment their existing platform to support iterative and ongoing enhancement,” said Evan Davies, Chief Technology Officer of Solera.

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