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Sony and Honda unveils Afeela

Date: August 7, 2023

Sony and Honda have joined forces to introduce their latest venture: Afeela. A new electric car brand aimed at revolutionizing the automotive industry. The logo will be on the joint venture’s first electric vehicle in production when it goes on sale in North America in 2026.

The official unveiling took place at a CES in Las Vegas. The event showcased the first-ever lineup of Afeela electric vehicles, promising an amalgamation of Sony’s technological expertise and Honda’s automotive engineering prowess.

Afeela’s electric cars boast the latest advancements in battery technology, providing an impressive range and quicker charging times. Sony’s involvement ensures an emphasis on innovation, with the integration of smart features, infotainment systems, and connectivity options.

The modern four-door fastback car features a media light bar upfront for communication with people and other objects. It is dubbed “an interface for a new era” by Sony. The sporty 21-inch wheels with a black finish, digital mirrors, and a streamlined roofline are further highlights.

The sedan has a modern, minimalist interior, with the panoramic digital screen dominating the dashboard. Five people may fit in the interior, which boasts a sizable panoramic sunroof. The digital screens mounted on the backs of each seat and the yoke steering wheel, which has buttons and touchpads, are further embellishments.

A whopping 45 cameras and sensors are located both inside and outside the prototype EV. The Afeela concept offers a unique EV perspective with 800 TOPS computational capacity for ECU, redefining electric vehicles. The EV integrates advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis, Epic Games partnership, and cutting-edge software for ADAS and entertainment features.

Expect Afeela cars to deliver exceptional performance on the road. Honda and Sony collaborate, promising an exciting drive with powerful efficiency and nimble handling, thanks to their expertise.

Afeela’s launch is a significant step, offering consumers exciting new options in the electric vehicle market, towards achieving goals. As the world embraces the shift towards electrification, Sony and Honda’s collaboration with Afeela positions them at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry.

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