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Tesla to launch pickup trucks on 30th November

Date: November 20, 2023.Tesla plans to launch its first pickup truck, the Cybertruck, on November 30, 2023. The launch day event will not involve a mass delivery of the futuristic vehicle. Instead, the company will make a symbolic gesture by delivering only 10 units.

Javier Verdura, Tesla’s product design director, announced at a recent keynote in Monterrey that the company will deliver the 10 Cybertruck units under a special lease contract. It offers these leases to employees who have made reservations for the vehicle. He said that this is a way to test the Cybertruck in real-world conditions and gather feedback from the users.

However, the Cybertruck has also faced several challenges and delays in its production. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has acknowledged that producing the Cybertruck is a complex and challenging task. This is possibly due to new manufacturing techniques and the use of non-traditional materials. He has also asked the public to “temper” their expectations for the Cybertruck initially. The production ramp-up process will take time.

Tesla is building its Gigafactory Texas facility outside Austin to manufacture the Cybertruck. The factory is still under construction. It has already initiated pilot production of the Cybertruck, and observers have spotted some units outside the facility in the past couple of weeks.

Additionally, It has revealed plans to use a lottery. The lottery aims to invite a specific number of Tesla stockholders to the Cybertruck delivery ceremony on November 30. November 3 is the cutoff date for lottery entries, and November 6 is the announcement of winners. For the Cybertruck delivery event, Tesla has created a special webpage where shareholders may provide proof of stock ownership to be eligible to attend in person.

Tesla anticipates that the Cybertruck delivery ceremony will demonstrate the vehicle’s features and capabilities while celebrating Tesla’s vision and creativity. The bulk of reservation holders, however, will still have to wait for the Cybertruck because Tesla has not disclosed the number of Cybertrucks it will be able to manufacture and deliver in the upcoming months and years.

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