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The Volkswagen ID.4 – sustainable mobility with technology from Continental

Continental supplies essential technologies for the ID.4. In the new Volkswagen ID.4, almost all systems and functions, from software and central computer architecture to the brakes and thermal management, for example for cooling the batteries, are from Continental.

In the past fiscal year, Continental generated sales of more than €800 million with emission-free mobility, from bicycle tires and air suspension systems for trains and trams, thermal management in electric vehicles to tires or high-performance computers in electric vehicles like the ID.4.

Starting in 2022, Continental will make its global business for emission-free cars, buses, trains and other vehicles carbon-neutral. The program includes not only Continental’s own production, but also consciously concentrates on initial stages and end-of-life recycling of the products. For emission-free vehicles like the ID.4, Continental will already be achieving its carbon-neutrality target in the course of the coming year.

With the “Carbon-Neutral for Emission-Free Vehicles” program, Continental underpins its position in the growth market of emission-free mobility. In this, the initiative for carbon-neutral vehicles is only one of the first phases of Continental’s overall roadmap for a sustainable economy with the objectives of 100 percent carbon neutrality, 100 percent emission-free mobility and industries, a 100 percent circular economy, and a 100 percent responsible value creation chain by the end of 2050 at the latest.

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