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Total Telcom launches SATrv telematics for recreational vehicles

Kelowna, BC – TheNewswire – October 2, 2023 – Total Telcom Inc. announces the launch of SATrv, a next-generation telematics product for the recreational vehicle marketplace. Following the launch, Total Telcom received its first 1000-unit order from a renowned recreational vehicle supplier.

SATv is a first-of-its-kind solution for the recreational vehicle marketplace. It provides users with enhanced vehicle safety and security through features including emergency services, GPS location, vehicle tracking, and remote diagnostics. Global coverage and access to SATrv is powered by the Iridium Network.

The SATrv system is available in two different models. Firstly, there’s the Integrated SATrv, which is a plug-and-play module installed in vehicles at the factory level. Secondly, there’s the Standalone SATrv, which is portable and powered by a standard 12-volt battery socket. This portable feature extends applications to other markets, including boats, airplanes, or cars. Moreover, users can connect wirelessly to the SATrv system via any smartphone, tablet, or laptop with its built-in app. Total Telcom sells data communication plans separately in recurring monthly or annual subscriptions. Consequently, this provides users with global connectivity and coverage.

SatRV provides the following features:

  • Global Text Messaging 
  • Friends Family (RV Locates) 
  • Remote Diagnostics Control 
  • Virtual Panic/Emergency Button 
  • Tracking 

Total Telcom will commence shipping hardware for SATrv units in QNUM0. Each unit will include an annual plan for data communication. Furthermore, this complimentary one-year subscription data is integral to Total Telcom’s growth strategy. Expanding its install base will facilitate greater long-term recurring subscription data revenues.

Neil Magrath, CEO of Total Telcom commented, ” SATv is a ground-breaking service designed to revolutionize the way RV enthusiasts experience the open road. It provides them with peace of mind and convenience. With SATrv, powered by the Iridium Network, we’re bringing safety, security, and global connectivity to the world of recreational vehicles in a way that has never been done before. Moreover, as satellite network costs continue to decline, we’re witnessing the emergence of new rapid-growth markets, and our teams take great pride in pioneering inventive solutions for areas without cellular coverage.”

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