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Trial of Australian technology in the United States aims to end frustrating battery failures for fleet operators

Over 50 million vehicle batteries are replaced in North America every year, and unexpected battery failures result in a significant loss of time and money for consumers and fleets. To help address this five-billion-dollar annual market, Intelematics and Voyomotive have partnered to introduce FailSAFE, a new application that predicts battery failure 2-4 weeks in advance. The partnership between Intelematics and Voyomotive provides a turnkey solution that delivers FailSAFE predictive battery analytics for roadside response, vehicle service/repair and fleet applications.

FailSAFE is a predictive services API that ingests real-time vehicle information, provided by the Voyomotive aftermarket controllers and telematics platform, to predict battery failure. The FailSAFE algorithm was developed using machine learning by Intelematics with global data provided from two-million vehicle trips and thousands of battery related service calls.

Unlike other applications that rely on a simple voltage reading, FailSAFE uses a range of advanced battery related parameters captured by the VOYO controller at the time of an engine start. The data from a series of engine starts is sent to the Intelematics cloud where it is analysed to determine battery health. Currently, FailSAFE results are provided by the VOYO app or by SMS message with API options to make results available in third party mobile apps and enterprise systems.

Intelematics’ CEO Nick Marks said that FailSAFE is helping businesses prevent battery related failures by alerting drivers to a fault before it becomes a problem.

“Predictive technology has the opportunity to save businesses large amounts of money and improve efficiency by allowing them to plan a replacement installation around their busy schedules and avoid the inconvenience of an unexpected breakdown. It simply allows companies to focus on the needs of their customers, rather than on their own internal operations,” Mr Marks said.

Voyomotive CEO, Peter Yorke, said that “Most vehicle data remains out of reach to app developers, fleet operators and even Tier-one component manufacturers. FailSAFE is a showcase example how access to advanced vehicle data provided by Voyomotive enables partners, such as Intelematics, to deliver cost effective solutions that increase safety while decreasing operating costs.”

FailSAFE is available to vehicles connected to the VOYO OBDII plug and play controllers. Parties interested in testing the combined Intelematics – Voyomotive FailSAFE solution can send an email to To enquire about other Intelematics’ connected vehicle solutions and APIs, interested parties should email

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