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Iteris unveils next-generation traveler information services solution

Iteris, Inc., the global leader in smart mobility infrastructure management, announced the deployment of ClearRoute™, the company’s next-generation traveler information services solution. The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), which has now deployed ClearRoute, will provide the traveling public who rely on the state’s 511 traveler information service a significantly enhanced user experience.

Iteris has been providing traveler information services to SCDOT since 2013 and its latest contract extends this partnership another seven years. As part of SCDOT’s deployment of ClearRoute, Iteris upgraded the SC511 service to an enhanced, state-of-the-art suite of SC511 mobile apps and transitioned the SC511 interactive voice response (IVR) to a more powerful, flexible and streamlined infrastructure. In addition, the SC511 website was upgraded to a more dynamic and advanced solution, which will ensure continued innovation and longevity, while preserving the functionality and features that SCDOT and SC511 users depend on.

New features and enhancements to the SC511 system include: Waze crowdsourcing, whereby users can switch seamlessly between the Waze and SC511 apps; a look-ahead feature, whereby a pop-up display in the SC511 mobile app notifies users of upcoming incidents or construction along their route; as well as truck parking, weather integration, best-available route and multi-language support features.

“We are thrilled to have worked with Iteris to provide South Carolina’s traveling public with a series of transformative enhancements to the state’s 511 system,” said Jennifer Oswalt Rhoades, PE, asst. state traffic management engineer at SCDOT. “Our transportation network has been challenged by severe weather last year and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, both of which demonstrate the need for a highly flexible 511 service such as Iteris’ ClearRoute.”

“Iteris is excited to introduce ClearRoute, which will make available a series of upgrades, enhancements and new features to the users of the SCDOT 511 traveler information system,” said Moe Zarean, vice president and assistant general manager, Transportation Systems at Iteris. “In addition to providing an unparalleled technology solution, we are committed to continuing to deliver the highest level of customer service to South Carolina and its citizens.”

ClearRoute, a component of the ClearMobility™ Platform, provides multimodal traveler information via mobile apps, websites and IVR systems. Iteris powers 11 state and regional transportation agencies across the U.S., supporting over 63 million combined interactions and 7.1 million individual IVR phone calls in the past year alone.

The ClearMobility Platform is the world’s most complete solution to continuously monitor, visualize and optimize mobility infrastructure. ClearMobility applies cloud computing, artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, advisory services and managed services to help ensure roads are safe, travel is efficient, and communities thrive.

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