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TruckHouse™ unveils Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro composite expedition vehicle

TruckHouse has launched the BCT, their first mid-sized composite expedition vehicle built on the newest Toyota Tacoma, filling the void between massive overland vehicles and 4×4 vans. The BCT is designed to withstand the roughest trails and harshest weather while serving as a mobile base camp for those who want to live comfortably off-the-grid.

“We were inspired by the idea of bringing the beloved 1980’s Sunrader 4×4 into the 21st century. Knowing we wanted to avoid traditional RV construction methods, we utilize manufacturing techniques from the marine and aerospace industries to build the BCT from the ground up. At TruckHouse, every detail matters. In order to maintain quality, we design, engineer, and fabricate all key components in house.” Explains TruckHouse CEO and co-founder, Matt Linder. “The BCT is built for those who desire a similar footprint of a van, the living space of a Class C RV, the capability of a purpose-built 4×4, and the fit, finish, of a high-end yacht.”

TruckHouse is on the leading-edge of composites innovation, giving its vehicles a serious leg up in their strength to weight ratios. The BCT’s chassis receives upgraded off-road components, including 12″ long-travel front suspension, a fully-fabricated rear axle, drilled and slotted disc brakes at all 4 wheels, and available front and rear lockers.

“We selected the Tacoma for its modest size, maneuverability, and proven longevity.  We then built a carbon fiber reinforced composite house to match everything we love about the truck. Every key structural component of the chassis has been reinforced to make a vehicle rugged enough for true backcountry adventure.” says COO and co-founder, Nicolo Monforte. “We started by breaking down the perfect overland camping experience, and from there we built the most capable and livable vehicle we could imagine.”

TruckHouse is in the final stage of constructing its prototype and is set to build a limited number of BCTs in 2021 with an introductory base price of $285,000.

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