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Uber and EVgo launch partnership to electrify on-demand rides and accelerate zero- emission transportation

Program will enable high-volume drivers to benefit from fast, reliable public charging through EVgo network

EVgo, the nation’s largest public fast-charging network for electric vehicles — and the only one powered by 100% renewable energy — announced the launch of a new EV charging discount program for rideshare drivers on Uber’s platform, as both companies work to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission transportation.

As part of a shared sustainability mission, the two companies are working together to enhance access to EVgo’s network for Uber drivers and encourage mass adoption of electric vehicles. Uber and rideshare drivers often rely heavily on public charging since they are out on the road and away from residential charging options most of the time.

More affordable access to the largest public fast charging network in the United States, operated by EVgo, helps drivers address key barriers to going electric. According to a 2019 EVgo study, rideshare drivers that spend more than 40 hours per week driving can clock 3-7 times more miles than an average EV owner, requiring them to charge multiple times per day in some cases. Additionally, rideshare drivers need more urban fast charging solutions they can access away from home. As drivers look for affordable ways to transition to EVs, many – such as those who rent – will face limited at-home charging options and won’t be able to start each day on a full charge. Rental households make up 36% of all housing units and tend to lack access to at- or near-home charging.

This new program, which officially goes live, gives Uber drivers access to discounted rates based on their Uber Pro status, waived monthly fees and expanded session time limits at EVgo’s more than 800 fast charging locations.

More charging for rideshare drivers means more impact. Recently published research shows that communities can realize three times greater emissions savings when higher-utilization drivers, like those on rideshare networks, can make a fair transition to EVs compared to average car owners. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation account for about 28% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest contributor to emissions. Electrifying rideshare not only decarbonizes the highest mileage vehicles on the road but also provides an opportunity for increasing awareness of EVs for riders.

In early September 2020, Uber announced its commitment to become a zero-emission mobility platform with several key actions, including $800 million in resources to help hundreds of thousands of drivers to transition to EVs by 2025, and the expansion of “Uber Green” which gives riders the option to choose an electric or hybrid ride.

“Combining Uber’s reach in rideshare and food delivery with EVgo’s national charging infrastructure network presents a huge opportunity for encouraging faster adoption of EVs,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “We look forward to providing fast and convenient charging to drivers on Uber’s platform with the help of EVgo’s growing network.”

“Sustainability is a team sport, and the path to zero-emissions is being laid with partnerships like these,” said Uber Head of Sustainability Policy Adam Gromis. “Making EV charging access more accessible in more places is a crucial step to electrifying the rideshare industry and helping drivers transition to carbon-free options.”

Uber drivers can visit the EVgo Discount Program with Uber website to sign up for this special offer and locate charging stations on the EVgo app. Paving the road for a low carbon economy, EVgo’s ongoing partnership with Uber will accelerate the electrification of rideshare vehicles across the U.S.

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