Uber introduces EV rides for Mumbai airport

Date: June 23, 2023

Mumbai, India – Uber has launched its electric vehicle (EV) service for rides to and from Mumbai Airport. The introduction of electric vehicles is part of Uber’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions in one of India’s busiest cities.

According to Uber Technology’s blog post “the launching day marks a crucial turning point in Uber’s dedication to environmentally friendly transportation in India. In Mumbai, we are launching Uber Green, our flagship electric vehicle (EV) product”.

Passengers traveling to and from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai now have the option to request a ride in an electric vehicle through the Uber app. The EV fleet consists of a variety of models, including sedans and hatchbacks, all equipped with fast-charging capabilities to ensure seamless operations and quick turnarounds.

Uber has collaborated with local EV manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers to establish a robust network of charging stations strategically located near the airport. This infrastructure ensures that the electric vehicles remain charged and readily available for passengers at all times.

In addition to the environmental benefits, passengers opting for electric vehicle rides to the airport will also enjoy a comfortable and quiet travel experience. Uber’s EV fleet features modern amenities and spacious interiors, providing a premium ride experience for customers.

This move by Uber aligns with the Indian government’s push for electric mobility and its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Mumbai, being one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, will benefit greatly from this transition to electric vehicles, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment for its residents.

Uber plans to expand its electric vehicle service to other cities in India, capitalizing on the growing demand for sustainable transportation options. Uber has promised to transition to a zero-emissions mobility platform globally by 2040 and in Europe and North America by 2030. In terms of sustainability, Uber has more than tripled the number of electric vehicles on its network and will provide rides in electric vehicles to 31 million different users in 2022.

As the world embraces the need for greener transportation solutions, Uber’s commitment to electric vehicles marks a positive step towards sustainable and eco-friendly mobility options.

In the month of February Tata Motors have signed an MoU with Uber to provide 25,000 XPRES–T EVs into their premium category services.

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