Valens enable radar connectivity for ADAS with MIPI A-PHY chipsets

HOD HASHARON, Israel, Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Valens and Smart Radar Systems will showcase a demonstration for ADAS at the upcoming Autosens Brussels 2023. It will feature a new generation of centralized radars and sensor fusion capabilities, with Valens Semiconductor’s VA7000 chipsets embedded in SRS’ Software Defined Imaging Radar.

The combined solution presents the automotive industry with significant advantages. Some of these advantages are the use of substantially smaller radars and lower power consumption. Moreover, it enables implementing a centralized processing radar. This is substantially more efficient and accurate than the traditional processing done at the edge device today. The VANUM0’s A-PHY-compliant link that enables transferring high bandwidth data and controls. As well as an increased link reach, is an optimal solution for realizing the vision of central radar processing and sensor fusion.

“Valentine Semiconductor is excited to partner with SRS to advance significant evolvement in radar connectivity for ADAS applications. Once again, present innovative connectivity solutions that can provide a leap forward for our automotive partners and customers,” said Gideon Kedem, SVP, Head of Automotive at Valens Semiconductor. “As the automotive industry undergoes a major transformation to sensor fusion. This leverages a combination of different sensor types) cameras, LiDARs and radars. To deliver data and functionality required by safety applications such as ADAS, our VANUM0 chipsets are a perfect fit. This is a growing market opportunity that Valens Semiconductor is well prepared to serve.”

“The automotive radar industry has been seeking the most efficient connectivity technology to create a new generation of centralized radars,” said Yong-Jae Kim, CTO at Smart Radar System (SRS). “The VA7000 from Valens Semiconductor delivers an exceptional offering enabling effective high-speed connectivity in automotive safety. Radars can now adopt a centralized architecture. Moreover, this allows them to avoid complex built-in processing at the edge and achieve more efficiency and power.”

To be showcased by Valens Semiconductor at AutoSens Brussels 2023:

  • Realizing the vision of centralized processing architecture for radars. Demonstrated at the show is an SRS radar aggregating raw data from 4 radar sensors (MMICs), over a single A-PHY link, to the centralized ECU. Additionally, the VA7000 controls the MMICs over its fast SPI interface, which supports an exceptional bitrate of up to 40Mbps. However, these advanced fast control capabilities have been an industry barrier in its quest to centralized radar processing.
  • Advanced time synchronization for superior driver monitoring. With a high-performance, highly configurable PWM (Pulse-width modulation) embedded within the VANUM0 chipset series, Valens Semiconductor’s solution synchronizes between camera sensors. Infra-red light, allowing for a cost-effective implementation of driver monitoring systems compared to competing solutions that require external programmable components.
  • A comprehensive set of demonstrations from companies in the expanding ecosystem for the MIPI A-PHY compliant VA7000 chipset series. This group will include Tier-1s, camera sensor companies, radar, LiDAR and ECU suppliers, and component manufacturers. Moreover, they are serving the growing demand for increased safety in today’s and tomorrow’s cars.

Join Valens Semiconductor at AutoSens Brussels 2023 (AutoWorld Museum, Brussels), September 19 – 23, 2023, at Stand Number 26, to learn more about the company’s latest innovations for audio-video connectivity. To schedule a meeting at the tradeshow, contact us through our website.

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