Autonomous Vehicle

VEMI Lab launches autonomous vehicle simulator

VEMI Lab at the University of Maine has launched its custom-built multi-person autonomous vehicle simulator, a platform for human-subject research in the automotive space.

VEMI’s Multimodal Omnidirectional Immersive Simulator for Inclusive Navigation or MOISIN (pronounced “mo-sheen”) is unique as the first fully autonomous “people mover” or “robo-taxi” motion simulator, designed as a replacement for the human-driven taxis or ridesharing services available today. It has no steering wheel or pedals, and its cabin — outfitted with multi-directional seating for up to six people — sits atop a motion platform powered by actuators that give passengers the feeling of movement on the roads.

Realistic cityscapes are projected onto 360-degree screens surrounding the unit, and integrated audio systems simulate both on-board and environmental sounds for a fully immersive experience.

Source and more at: UMaine News

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