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Veoneer demonstrates latest technologies and scalable system architecture at North American ride & drive

The automotive technology company Veoneer is hosting a ride and drive event that highlights the company’s newest technology advancements that support the future of automated driving and automotive safety.

Demonstrations will take place primarily on the roads of Michigan and will focus on the importance of collaborative driving and the interaction between the driver and safety technologies available in the vehicle.

Guests will experience a full scalable architecture with multiple systems running in one vehicle, ranging from a one sensor system to a complete sensor system that includes Veoneer’s stereo vision, radar sensors, and driver monitoring system. Demonstrations will include Veoneer’s Thermal Sensing, Driver Monitoring, Radar, Vision, Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Highway Assist, and Collective Perception.

Following the drive demonstrations, guests will have the opportunity to meet with company executives and product experts to take a deeper dive into Veoneer’s product portfolio.

Veoneer will also highlight its relationships that support the company’s commitment to offering safe, robust, high-quality sensor solutions to vehicle manufacturers globally:

  • In our exhibition area, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’ s Arriver™ software on the Snapdragon Ride™ Platform
  • Baraja will offer demonstrations of their Spectrum-Scan™ technology that is setting new benchmarks for precision, range, and reliability for LiDAR
  • HERE Technologies will share more about how their world leading ADAS, HD maps, and location platform can help automated driving systems be more reliable, safe, and comfortable across all levels of automation
  • TriEye will offer a deeper dive into their world’s first technology that enables Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) HD imaging and accurate ranging simultaneously in all visibility conditions through one sensor system for ADAS and autonomous vehicles 

“We are excited to be hosting an in-person ride and drive event in North America after two and a half years,” says Jacob Svanberg, CEO of Veoneer. “This event is a great opportunity for us to highlight our broad product portfolio of cutting-edge active safety technologies including a full stack of features and functions for the delivery of scalable ADAS, collaborative and autonomous driving solutions.”

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