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Veoneer joins CES® 2022 virtually – will showcase its vision for the next decade of automotive safety technology

The automotive technology company Veoneer, Inc. will showcase cutting-edge innovations and outline its vision for boosting road safety at CES® 2022. As health and safety is Veoneer’s first priority, the current uncertainty regarding the development of the COVID-19 situation made Veoneer and Arriver opt for virtual-only participation.

Veoneer’s theme for CES 2022 is “Fit-to-Drive,” an approach to automotive safety technology system design and connectivity that delivers the best real-time solutions to the imperfect road situations that will present themselves for the foreseeable future. Ensuring that every vehicle and driver is “Fit to Drive” at any given moment relies on collaborative driving and the interaction between driver and tech as much as on the function and veracity of sensors or intelligent technologies alone.

The booth Veoneer planned for the CES in-person event has been mirrored as a digital showroom, where attendees will get first-hand virtual experience with cutting-edge technologies, such as Thermal Sensing, LiDAR in partnership with Baraja, Driver Monitoring System in partnership with Seeing Machines, the research project Smart-RCS, and the 5th generation vision solution through the Arriver™ software on the Snapdragon Ride™  Platform, a scalable portfolio of System on a Chip (SoC) and Accelerators for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD), a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Visitors will get a chance to experience virtual product demonstrations, meet with product experts and listen in on a Research Tech Talk among other highlights:              

  • Veoneer product demonstrations will highlight sensors, computers and software that are either available today, or just around the corner. LiDAR, Driver Monitoring, Thermal Sensing, Vision and Radar systems will be among some of the technologies being showcased and we will bring to life collaborative driving by utilizing our connected ecosystem to enhance Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA).
  • Arriver product demonstrations will highlight Arriver sensor perception, and drive policy software, including a full stack of features and functions for the delivery of scalable ADAS, collaborative and autonomous driving solutions. Arriver’s unique, scalable, open platform is designed to support driver acceptance, use, and reliability, and optimized to give OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers flexible and upgradable solutions that can be configured to support the variety of models across their offerings.
  • Veoneer Research Tech Talk including a panel of thought leaders discussing the power and potential of the expanding world of Augmented Driving and what it will take to continue evolving safe and convenient mobility.

In 2019, Veoneer demonstrated its research platform Learning Intelligent Vehicle (LIV), a driving system where drivers’ skills are augmented with machine intelligence for ADAS.

Jan Carlson, Chairman, President and CEO, Veoneer, says: “At the time, the industry was focused on self-driving technologies, and some were skeptical of our demonstrations. But the reality of autonomous driving development is that such collaboration between drivers, their vehicles and surrounding environments offers the best opportunities to maximizing road safety over the next decade and beyond. Our vision remains consistent: We are committed to developing the technology and systems solutions to save lives, provide greater transportation efficiencies, reduce pollution, and improve the time we spend traveling.”

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