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VI-grade & MdynamiX forge HiL partnership

Darmstadt, Germany, April 18, 2024 – VI-grade, creates cutting-edge driving simulators and software that incorporate human factors, allowing for realistic testing and development of vehicles, and MdynamiX, a company that develops technologies for realistic simulations used in testing vehicle components, especially for ADAS and HiL systems, announced their partnership. This new alliance consolidates VI-grade as an official reseller of MdynamiX’s innovative hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) solutions compatible with all VI-grade driving simulators and AutoHawk HiL platforms. Customers worldwide will have access to MdynamiX’s cutting-edge HiL rigs, conveniently located in VI-grade’s SimCenters for firsthand experience and testing.

Key Offerings:

VI-grade will offer the following MdynamiX solutions:

  • MXsteerHiL and MXsteerLink – a dynamic, real-time HiL test bench for Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Steer-by-Wire SbW system providing flexibility from the laboratory to the simulator. This modular construction kit enables the evaluation of steering systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the early stages of development. It also facilitates the calibration process for these systems.
  • MXbrakeHiL and MXbrakeLink – an advanced brake system test bench tailored for electric and automated vehicles. This versatile test bench is compatible with various real-time systems. It is optimized for model-based development of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and advanced safety functions. By integrating the full hydraulic/electromechanical/electric brake system into the real-time environment, from the pedal to the brake calipers, MXbrakeHiL simplifies development and validation tasks across all technology readiness levels.

“We have a long-standing collaboration with MdynamiX as a trusted software partner. Particularly, we utilize the advanced MdynamiX steering model in our VI-CarRealTime software. We want to expand our portfolio with their well-established Hardware-in-the-Loop offering. Excitedly, we bring MdynamiX, a renowned expert in automotive steering system modeling, to our SimCenters globally for technology integration. Moreover, this integration allows our customers to experience real steering feel on VI-grade simulators. They can calibrate and tune EPS controllers long before they go to the physical proving ground.”, commented Guido Bairati, Managing Director at VI-grade. 

“We thrilledly enter into this strategic partnership with VI-grade. Furthermore, it unites our expertise in cutting-edge HiL solutions with their world-class simulation environments. This formal alliance, a natural progression of our decade-long collaboration in elastomer/hydromount and steering system models, has formed. It’s not just about enhancing our product offerings; it’s a commitment to pioneering the future of automotive development together. Moreover, we look forward to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our customers worldwide through this synergistic partnership.”, added Peter Pfeffer, CEO at MdynamiX

MdynamiX will participate as a GOLD sponsor in VI-grade’s ZERO PROTOTYPES Summit, to be held on May 14-16, at SimCenter Udine. 

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