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ViriCiti to help BVG monitor an extra 137 electric buses

59 of the 137 e-buses are already integrated. The rest will be added in the coming months.

ViriCiti begins monitoring the first 59 out of 137 e-buses of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) that are planned to be connected to ViriCiti’s cloud-based platform in the coming months. The electric buses are provided by EvoBus and Solaris. 

This means that BVG, Germany’s largest public transport operator, can see real-time parameters such as the location of the buses, SoC, incidents, and more. In addition, BVG has access to historical data that allows it to track and analyze e-bus parameters at a millisecond level. 

Telematics system for accurate data reporting

ViriCiti has been integrating BVG buses since 2016, the transport operator being one of the first German operators to choose for a data-driven approach for e-mobility. Currently, BVG has the largest fleet of electric buses in Germany and aims to provide zero-emission transport by 2030. 

Due to a great collaboration with Solaris, the Solaris e-buses ordered by BVG arrived with ViriCiti’s hardware preinstalled. Furthermore, for these buses, ViriCiti also provides visibility into a series of 15 key parameters of the Minimal Data Set (Minimaldatenset) that were added specifically for BVG.

“Since the very beginning of our collaboration in 2016, we have been providing BVG with reliable data.” said Alexander Schabert, CCO ViriCiti.  “We think that their mindful approach to e-mobility was a strong enabler for their fantastic progress so far, and we’re really proud to have supported them on this exciting journey.”

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