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Volvo invests in Breathe Battery for faster EV charging

Date: March 12, 2024.Volvo Cars has invested in Breathe Battery Technologies, a company that develops software for electric vehicle batteries that optimizes charging for faster speeds and longer lifespans, to enhance the charging capabilities of its electric vehicles (EVs). By incorporating Breathe’s advanced software, Volvo aims to reduce the charging time of its EVs by up to 30%. This software operates without altering the battery’s chemistry, which is a significant challenge for automakers. The integration of Breathe’s technology is expected to be available in new Volvo EVs within the next two to three years.

The collaboration with Breathe Battery Technologies is part of Volvo’s commitment to becoming a fully electric car maker by 2030. Moreover, the company believes that faster charging times are crucial for encouraging more consumers to transition to electric vehicles. Breathe’s algorithm-based charging software not only allows for full power charging but also provides detailed visibility on the health of individual battery cells, ensuring safety and extending battery life.

A major hurdle for EV adoption has been charging speed. While powerful DC fast chargers exist, car battery software often limits power intake to safeguard against overheating and damage. Breathe’s technology tackles this challenge, optimizing the charging process for faster and potentially safer battery replenishment.

This partnership is a testament to Volvo’s ambition to lead in the development of premium electric cars. Moreover, it reflects the company’s proactive approach to adopting innovative technologies that align with its sustainability goals.

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