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Volvo Trucks introduces Connected Vehicle Analytics tool

Volvo Trucks North America rolled out a new connected technology tool for its dealers to help fleet customers maximize both fuel efficiency and vehicle productivity. The Connected Vehicle Analytics (CVA) tool collects real-world data from fleet operations — including current truck configurations, daily routes, average speed, and fuel efficiency — to enable dealers to recommend the ideal configurations for a customer’s new Class 8 truck purchase, tailored to their specific operations.

“Working in close collaboration with our dealer partners, Volvo Trucks is committed to helping customers log more miles using less fuel. The CVA tool includes a robust dashboard where dealers can monitor how fleet customers are operating their Volvo trucks and where there are opportunities to optimize their efficiency and productivity by enhanced spec’ing. This new way of dealers working with aggregated, real operational data to provide insights is a prime example of how Volvo Trucks continually develops tools to better support customers in their journey to improve fuel efficiency and productivity, enabling them to reduce costs and emissions in order to meet their sustainability goals.”  

Johan Agebrand, Director, Product Marketing, Volvo Trucks North America

Using Volvo Trucks’ CVA tool, dealers can gain quantitative insights into how a customer’s fleet is operating and what updates and changes can be made in the specifications when investing in their new trucks to improve both operations and the total cost of ownership. Data is provided on a wide range of information that can affect the fuel efficiency and productivity of a vehicle, including:  

  • Specific route details (e.g., latitude and longitude for some stops and average speed) 
  • Vehicle attributes (e.g., truck model, axle configuration) 
  • Fuel efficiency

Dealers can also access an anonymized pool of vehicles to benchmark how their customer’s fleet is performing compared to other similarly spec’d vehicles. Fleet operators interested in utilizing the CVA tool to evaluate fleet performance, fuel efficiency and ideal vehicle configurations can work with their local sales representatives at Volvo Trucks dealerships throughout North America.  

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