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Voyager secures 100M yuan in series B+ round

Date: April 16, 2024. Voyager Technology, a Shanghai-based company developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to improve car safety and potentially expand into self-driving technology, has successfully closed its Series B+ financing round, amassing over 100 million yuan. This significant financial milestone was led by BOCOM Capital and Royalsea Capital, with contributions from Huitongda and Suzhou High-speed Rail Xincheng Private Equity Fund.

The funds are earmarked for technology research and development (R&D) and business expansion into international markets. Voyager Technology aims to continuously refine product performance, bolster market competitiveness, and cater to the burgeoning global demand for intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit solutions.

Voyager Technology, a high-tech enterprise established in November 2013, allocates funds to technology R&D and international market expansion. The company aims to refine product performance, enhance market competitiveness, and meet the growing global demand for intelligent driving solutions. Moreover, with a focus on environmental perception, intelligent decision-making, and control execution. Over 70% of Voyager’s workforce is dedicated to R&D, reflecting its commitment to innovation and mass production in intelligent driving technology.

Since 2023, Voyager Technology has been expanding its core business from intelligent driving to intelligent cockpits. Moreover, this expansion drives by leveraging its expertise in sensing technologies. The company has unveiled cutting-edge in-car intelligent display products like Head-Up Display and Smart Lighting. These goods, when combined with ADAS systems, aim to provide drivers with a safer, more intuitive vehicle interaction experience.

However, Voyager Technology’s business structures itself around three core segments. These include the VT-CAM intelligent perception series, the VT-Pilot intelligent driving series, and the VT-Cockpit intelligent cabin series. These segments offer tailored solutions and technical support to automobile manufacturers, including FAW Group, Geely, Changan, Great Wall Motor, Chery, and HOZON Auto.

The company’s strategic expansion into overseas markets has been ongoing for over a decade. Its international operations primarily focus on three regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe and the Americas. Voyager Technology has forged partnerships with renowned automakers such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and KG Mobility.

The latest financing round emphasizes the company’s dedication to innovation and its ambition to pioneer the intelligent driving sector. With this new capital, Voyager Technology is ready to accelerate its growth trajectory. Moreover, the company aims to make significant strides in the global automotive market.

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