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Wallbox announces Supernova, a fast public charger

Wallbox, announced Supernova, fast public charger that delivers 65 kW of charging power. Supernova offers an optimized internal design to make it light and easy to install by integrating multiple,  modular elements from Wallbox’s award-winning bidirectional charger, Quasar.

Efficiency and reliability: 

Supernova has nine systems that work in harmony to provide maximum power, yet maintain operational independence. This modular assembly offers unprecedented flexibility and reliability to ensure the charger continues to operate optimally regardless of the circumstances.

Product installation and maintenance costs:

Supernova reduces the costs associated with equivalent public charging solutions by approximately 50  percent. The optimized charger design ensures a more efficient product with lower production cost. Its modular composition offers installation and maintenance advantages by requiring simpler infrastructure and resources, such as eliminating the need for heavy machinery to transport the product.

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