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Wipro unveils SDV transformation service

Date: March 15, 2024.Wipro is geared up to provide the technology solutions and services to the automotive industry towards its Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) transformation initiative. For this Wipro has developed Cloud Car framework to help automotive industry in its shift from traditional E/E architecture to a more advanced SDV architecture.

Wipro’s Cloud Car framework and accelerators lay the groundwork for a seamless transition to SDV, promising a smooth and efficient migration process. The company’s Gen AI offerings and Cloud Connected Data Driven solutions, including Cyclic AI, Shadow Mode, Data Harvesting, Mixed Criticality, and Data Mesh, are designed to enhance existing infrastructures and expedite the shift to SDV E/E Architecture.

The SDV Verification and Validation (V&V) Framework, tailored for SDV, is complemented by Testing as a Service (TaaS). It includes a cloud-accelerated Virtual Vehicle framework that guarantees the reliability and performance of SDV deployments.

Wipro’s New Age OTA functionalities allow for the deployment of features and applications to vehicles. This is irrespective of their architectural base, without compromising safety and security.

The transformation also includes changes to Automotive Ethernet. It is powered by Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), enabling more reliable, faster, and efficient communication within vehicles.

Wipro’s SDV Transformation promises several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Performance: Software-based control allows for continuous improvement and optimization of vehicle functions.
  • Future-Proofing: The SDV architecture facilitates easier integration of new technologies as they emerge.
  • Improved User Experience: Software updates can introduce new features and functionalities, keeping vehicles feeling fresh.

Wipro’s solution is a significant step towards a more software-driven automotive landscape. Wipro is paving the way for a future where vehicles are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of drivers. By enabling car companies to adopt the SDV architecture.

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