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Zoomcar partners with ETO Motors to boost shared EV mobility

Zoomcar, a personal mobility platform, has signed an agreement with Hyderabad-based ETO Motors, an electric mobility solutions and services company, to provide an array of platform services for ETO’s electric and shared three-wheeler business.

As part of this agreement, Zoomcar will provide access to its proprietary tech platform. In the partnership, ETO Motors will own and operate electric three-wheelers for shared first-mile and last-mile passenger commute as well as goods movement within cities.

Zoomcar’s tie-up with ETO Motors entails the development of an innovative platform to address the vast opportunities across India in the first mile, last mile, and intracity passenger segments as well as goods movement space using electric vehicles. The strategic partnership will help create the necessary competency and technology for building the future of the mobility market in India.

Greg Moran, CEO & Co-Founder, Zoomcar, in a statement said, “The mobility industry is going through a transformational phase globally due to the pandemic. At Zoomcar, we strive to be at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that can help shape this transformative shift. Through this partnership with ETO Motors, we aim to leverage our AI-based platform to enable large fleet operators to better manage their assets through greater vehicle safety and lower total operating costs. We are delighted to partner with ETO Motors on the next phase of their growth journey in India’s rapidly expanding EV market.”

Biju Mathew, CEO, ETO Motors, said, “The coming together of both companies marks a significant beginning in boosting the shared EV mobility space. ETO will own and operate electric vehicles to deliver seamless mobility to customers. The next phase of collaboration between our respective companies with respect to the development of the co-branded digital platform will undoubtedly mark a significant step forward for the industry.”

This co-branded platform is part of ETO Motors’ plan to introduce a fleet of smart electric vehicles and strengthen its clean mobility solutions offering. ETO has already introduced its smart vehicles for the first mile and last mile connectivity service in Noida Metro and is poised to expand its presence in the coming times.

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