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Airbiquity launches OTAmatic Vehicle Configurator to help automakers manage connected vehicle software

New offering allows automakers to control the number of software versions in vehicles, better understand the state of entire fleets

Airbiquity® launched its OTAmatic® Vehicle Configurator, a tool for defining and managing connected vehicle software. The OTAmatic Vehicle Configurator gives automakers insight into the precise hardware and software configurations within a vehicle, manage known combinations of electronic control units (ECUs) and software versions in vehicles, and meet emerging government compliance requirements for type certified vehicle systems.

The OTAmatic Vehicle Configurator gives automakers the facility to deal with these issues and better control the software configurations in their vehicles. The OTAmatic Vehicle Configurator:

  • Deploys software only in approved combinations. Minimizes unanticipated issues by ensuring software contained in tens to hundreds of independent ECUs in a vehicle are limited to prevalidated configurations tested and approved by automakers.
  • Provides a breakdown of vehicles in the field. Reports the precise version of software and hardware installed in vehicles so automakers can understand the state of their vehicle fleets.
  • Displays a history of vehicle configurations. Allows automakers to match configurations for vehicle lines or individual vehicles to know changes over time.
  • Works with Airbiquity’s OTAmatic software management system. Configuration candidates can automatically be created from factory feeds of newly manufactured vehicles or by importing Bill of Materials (BOMs) employing a web-based tool, then provided to automakers for review and approval. Configurations can also be provided for review when a vehicle reports a new combination from the field.
  • Works with non-Airbiquity OTA software management systems. Existing OTA systems can be enhanced by Vehicle Configurator integration using supplied APIs.
  • Enables regulatory compliance for tracking type certified vehicle systems. Allows automakers to record the software (RXSWIN) associated with the type certification of a vehicle system and supports UNECE (WP.29) requirements for tracking software updates.

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