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3Dtracking expands portfolio of intelligent asset tracking solutions for container security

3Dtracking, a leading global provider of white labelled telematics platforms, announced that the company has expanded its portfolio of intelligent asset tracking solutions for container security.

3Dtracking recently completed integrating a number of third-party locks into its telematics service platform to support a range of new service opportunities and operational scenarios.

Among these new integrations is the JT709A GPS tracker lock from Jointech. These JT709A locks are configured to send their location and open or close status to the 3Dtracking platform over a cellular connection. Alerts on low battery levels as well as for attempts of unauthorized access and break-in are sent in real-time.

As part of the integration between the JT709A locks and the 3Dtracking platform, fleet managers can send commands to open or close specific locks remotely. Telematics service providers can now leverage this new capability to expand their existing asset tracking services as well as offer new standalone container and cargo security services in a range of volume based business models.

“The owners of container contents are constantly demanding greater knowledge and control over their shipments throughout the entire deliver and transportation process,” explained Paul He, Managing Director at Jointech. “These new remote lock and unlock capabilities that 3Dtracking has engineered are enabling telematics service providers to give greater value to their customers, while at the same time opens up new asset tracking business opportunities.”

3Dtracking has also integrated the HB-A1L lock from Huabao Electronics and developed new master-slave capabilities. These new master-slave features allow fleet managers to link multiple HB-A1L slave locks to one master HB-A1Lm lock over a Bluetooth connection. Each linked slave lock reports its opened or closed status to a single master lock. The statuses of the slave locks are communicated by the master lock to the 3Dtracking platform over a cellular network and are clearly displayed in real-time on the 3Dtracking platform. These master-slave locks are typically installed on containers and trailers with multiple access points as well as multiple door trucks.

“We are pleased to be working with all of these leading vendors of asset tracking equipment and the integration of their innovative locks will add significant value to the telematics service providers using our software platform to manage their service operations,” said Noam Cimand, General Manager of 3Dtracking. “Intelligent asset tracking, especially for container security is a rapidly growing segments in the telematics space and our new solutions will help our partners capitalize on these market opportunities.”

3Dtracking has also integrated the CelloTrack Container Lock from Cellocator powered by PowerFleet, the G420N from HDD Technologies and the iWatcher Lock from Spetrotec.

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