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44 Irizar e-buses headed to Bulgaria

Irizar e-mobility solutions are headed to Bulgaria. They are arriving in Burgas, which can include 44 Irizar ie bus zero-emissions electric buses in its fleet. Burgas Bus is going to be responsible for operating the buses. The delivery of the first units is expected to be made in September 2021.

The buses that will be provided include two different lengths. There will be thirty-four 12 metre long units and ten 18 metre units. The 12 metre long ie bus will have 3 doors, 26 seats and a wheelchair area. The 18 metre long bus, on the other hand, will have 4 pneumatic doors, 32 seats and a wheelchair area.

The vehicles will be equipped with Irizar lithium ion batteries. Irizar e-mobility will also provide 44 interoperable ECI-100 chargers by Jema Energy (an Irizar Group company). The chargers have a 100 kW smart charging system that will charge the vehicles in three hours using a Combo 2 charging outlet.

They will also include telemetry systems by Datik, an Irizar Group company. Irizar e-mobility has worked closely with Burgas Bus for this project to give the fleet a modern and attractive design.

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