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Cubic Telecom, Arrival and Charge Team Up

Electric Vehicle (EV) companies, Arrival and Charge have chosen connectivity management software provider Cubic Telecom to integrate its intelligent connected car solution to their electric commercial vehicle fleet. The solution will be deployed in selected models from 2020 in the UK, with follow-up plans to roll out to Europe and North America.

Arrival designs and manufactures next-generation, affordable EVs which are tailored to the commercial market and are embedding Cubic Telecom’s software and eSIM technologies into their commercial EVs at the manufacturing stage. Cubic Telecom’s PACE platform (Platform for Application and Connectivity Enablement) connects seamlessly to Tier One cellular networks to provide a continuous feed of data on vehicle and battery performance to Arrival and to provide drivers with full visibility of nearby charging stations and real time navigation.

In addition to powering connectivity for Arrival’s fleet of electric commercial vehicles, Cubic Telecom is providing its connectivity solution to Arrival’s sister company Charge Automotive for specialist EVs. Charge Automotive develops luxury and high-performance vehicles, redefining classic cars with advanced electric technology. The intelligent software and connectivity solution will initially power a fleet of 1960s styled electric Mustangs with telemetry, software updates, multimedia streaming, maps and internet surfing.

“Built from the ground up, Arrival is making the compelling transition into the world of electric commercial vehicles and will use Cubic’s seamless connectivity as a core service offering to support the journey,” said Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom. “This deal signifies Cubic’s ongoing initiative to contribute to the delivery of sustainable solutions with our unique digital experience.”

Avinash Rugoobur, CSO of Arrival, said, “Arrival is making Generation 2.0 Electric Vehicles – that means ensuring we create a world-class connected experience. For our customers this means that our technology must enable their fleets to operate as efficiently, reliably and seamlessly as possible. We are confident that by using Cubic Telecom’s trusted EV connectivity solution we can deliver exactly that.”

Source: Press Release

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