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DENSO and Toyota to Launch JV for Developing Automotive Semiconductors

DENSO and Toyota plan to establish joint venture in April 2020 that will conduct research and advanced development of next-generation in-vehicle semiconductors. The JV is named MIRISE Technologies (“MIRISE”) MIRISE is an acronym for Mobility Innovative Research Institute for SEmiconductors. It also conveys “mirai” (a Japanese word for “future”) and “rise.”

The JV will accelerate the development of next-generation in-vehicle semiconductors that play a key role in technology innovation for electric vehicles and automated driving vehicles from aspects of both vehicles and components by combining Toyota’s knowledge on mobility with DENSO’s knowledge on in-vehicle components.

The goal for 2030 and the priority activity policy (Mid-term Policy 2024) has been drawn up for building a rapid, competitive development system after the company is formed. It aims to achieve the future of mobility while preserving a pleasant environment and ensuring safety and comfort, based on the semiconductor electronics.

MIRISE will work on three technology development fields: (1) power electronics, (2) sensing, and (3) SoC (System-on-a-Chip). In the power electronics field, the company will work on R&D mainly for in-house production (including contract manufacturing) by leveraging the semiconductor material technologies as well as manufacturing and design technologies accumulated by Toyota and DENSO in electrification technologies, mainly in hybrid vehicles. In the sensing field, the company will work on development for in-house production and cooperation with joint development partners. In the SoC field, the company will strengthen its ability to determine the specifications of optimal SoCs for mobility in the future.

To achieve the above goals based on a speedy and competitive system, MIRISE plans cooperation with universities, research institutes, start-ups, and semiconductor-related companies. The recruitment of semiconductor engineers will also be strengthened. The capital of the JV is 50 million yen with DENSO owning 51%, and Toyota: 49% respectively.

Source: Press Release

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