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Rimac unveils Nevera Time Attack, the fastest electric car

Rimac Automobili at a recent motorsports gathering broke few performance records. They have so far achieved more than 20 records in 2023.

The Rimac Nevera broke the previous EV production lap record at Nurburgring track. Distance of 20.6 km (12.8-mile) in the lap was covered by Nevera in 7:00:928.

Commenting on the record-breaking lap, Kodric explains, “We had challenging weather conditions during our practice sessions this week. On this scorching summer day, we’ve selected the hottest track moment to clock our lap time record. However, a 7:05:298 lap time at the Nürburgring Nordschleife is commendable. The Nevera’s track speed despite its road-focused design is what truly sets this comfortable hyper GT apart. It’s such a well-rounded piece of engineering and design; gentle and usable in the city, thrilling to drive on twisting B-roads, comfortable over long distances. It’s also devastatingly fast on a race track.

Driving it around the Nordschleife is a real thrill, from launching out of the Carousel, with 1,914hp being distributed between the four wheels, or pinning the accelerator to the floor down the 1.30-mile (2.8-kilometre) straight section.”

This record is just the latest in a list of more than 20 that the Nevera has shattered this year. In April 2023, Rimac Nevera seized 23 records at ATP Germany, setting new benchmarks for speed, like 0-60mph, 0-100mph, and 0-186mph. The Nevera had reached ATP track, holding EV title with highest verified speed at 256mph (412 km/h) prior.

In July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Nevera once again demonstrated its record-breaking ability. In front of a capacity crowd, the Nevera set a 49.32 second time during the timed Supercar Shootout. This makes it not just the fastest electric production car to have ever taken on the famous hillclimb, but also the fastest production car to run the hill in 2023.

In tribute to a remarkable year, Rimac will create 12 sold-out Nevera Time Attack cars, honoring their record-breaking achievement.

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