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Actasys enters into collaboration with Webasto, a tier one automotive supplier

Actasys, a leader in the development of sensor cleaning systems, announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with global tier one supplier to branded automotive companies, Webasto Group. This is the first step in a partnership to ensure the functionality of Webasto’s roof sensor module (RSM) under all weather and environmental conditions through the integration of Actasys’ cleaning system. The result will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with a comprehensive solution to their sensor needs.

Webasto is one of the 100 largest automotive suppliers and is a leader in developing and producing roof systems, with 2021 sales over 3.7B Euros and over 15,000 employees worldwide. Webasto is advancing innovation of roof systems with its Roof Sensor Module (RSM), utilizing the roof as an ideal location for sensors such as Lidars, cameras and radars for highly automated and autonomous driving vehicles.  These sensors are the foundation for increased vehicle safety and improved driving support and functionality.  Actasys is a leader in the field of sensor cleaning with its unique ActaJet™ sensor cleaning system.  The collaboration between Actasys and Webasto will further enhance their respective innovations by enabling full sensor functionality for OEM’s.

“Maintaining the visual clarity of sensors when they are exposed to adverse weather conditions is essential to enabling safe and optimal operation of every vehicle with an assisted driving system,” said Actasys Chief Executive Officer, Miles Flamenbaum. “Sensor cleaning is a relatively new field with rapidly growing demand due to ‘sensorfication’ – increasing reliance on sensors.  Actasys has developed a deep understanding of sensor cleaning, with tools and data to develop industry standards, and provides ActaJet as a unique solution.  As a result of this exciting partnership, we will implement our vision for sensor cleaning with Webasto’s RSM to solve critical problems faced by automotive OEM’s.”

The ActaJet™ cleans and maintains the visual clarity of optical sensors with an electronically controlled array of small actuator cartridges that provide strong jets of air to clean the surface of sensors during vehicle operation. ActaJet is unique as it is not a centralized system, but distributed and scalable, integrating actuators with each sensor.  The system is controlled by software developed by Actasys and embedded into a vehicle ECU.  As opposed to other solutions, ActaJet uses air-based cleaning.  This approach significantly reduces power and liquid consumption in the cleaning process.  Actasys also leads the industry with its weather-adaptive software and proprietary blockage detection, further enhancing the ActaJet system.

“Webasto is a market leader in automotive roof systems and is part of the automotive sector’s future by providing OEMs with advanced roof systems for implementation of sensors for highly automated and autonomous driving.  To make this successful in all weather conditions requires an advanced sensor cleaning system to offer a comprehensive solution,” said Magnus Sviberg (Director Special Products & SE Methods),  “Actasys is an ideal partner for us as they offer innovative functional new approaches and capabilities that we would like to investigate and integrate into our RSM solutions.”

The partnership with Webasto is a next accomplishment for Actasys, following its evaluation earlier this year with Hyundai Cradle, its ongoing commercialization efforts, and its participation with automotive accelerators such as Quantum Hub and DriveTLV.

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