Adani aims for 75,000 EV charging stations by 2030

Date: December 12, 2023.Adani Total Gas Ltd (ATGL), a joint venture between Adani Group and TotalEnergies, has announced its plan to install 75,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across India by 2030. The company’s chairman, Gautam Adani, shared the news on X (formerly Twitter).

Adani Total Gas Ltd (ATGL) is undergoing a significant expansion in various sectors. These include compressed natural gas (CNG), piped natural gas (PNG), compressed biogas (CBG), and e-mobility. Led by Adani, the company has achieved notable sustainability milestones. All 50 of its sites are now powered by rooftop solar panels. Furthermore, ATGL’s extensive operations vehicle fleet, covering 37 million kilometers annually, has successfully transitioned from diesel to CNG. Adani emphasized the environmental impact of their initiatives. They cited the planting of 220,000 trees through the Greenmosphere program, resulting in an annual reduction of 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

In a social media post, Adani shared the company’s dynamic progress. The post highlighted the ongoing expansion into CNG, PNG, compressed biogas, and e-mobility. Additionally, Adani Total Gas Ltd is on track to establish 75,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by 2030. The commitment to sustainability is evident in the complete shift of their operations vehicle fleet to CNG. Additionally, the company utilizes rooftop solar panels across all its sites. Through the ATGL Greenmosphere initiative, ATGL has made a substantial contribution to environmental conservation. This includes planting 220,000 trees, resulting in an annual reduction of 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

ATGL is an Indian gas distribution (CGD) company that operates in 19 regions, encompassing 71 districts across 15 states and union territories. The company’s goals are to supply millions of consumers with economical and sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, it aims to support the government’s plan to raise the proportion of natural gas in the energy mix from 6% to 15% by 2030.

The government aims for 30% of all vehicles on the road to be electric by 2030. A BloombergNEF report suggests India could have 43 million EVs by then. Adani Group, through companies like ATGL, is actively involved in green initiatives. Moreover, Adani, in a series of posts on X, outlines the sustainable practices of various group businesses, including cement, renewable energy, ports, airports, and data centers. Adani emphasizes commitment, mentioning a plan to invest over Rs 7 lakh crore in the next decade. Furthermore, the goal is to solidify the group’s position as India’s leading infrastructure player.

Ambuja and ACC are spearheading a sustainable transformation within the cement industry by incorporating over 90% blended cements, which involve recycling waste fly ash and slag. This substantial shift not only improves the environmental impact of their cement but also signifies a significant stride towards sustainability. Moreover, committed to furthering their eco-friendly initiatives, they aim to derive 60% of their cement production from renewable energy sources by 2028, solidifying their position as frontrunners in the global realm of sustainable cement production, as shared by Adani on X.

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