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AKKA renews its cooperation with Ford in the area of infotainment

AKKA renews its cooperation with Ford in the area of infotainment. This new contract covers the areas of Verification & Validation of features and functions in the infotainment environment. In a world where our vehicles are becoming increasingly connected and automated, infotainment is an essential part of the driving experience.

AKKA is uniquely positioned at the interface between vehicle and driver with many years of experience in automotive development and a clear focus on digital technologies. Accessing a vehicle via a smartphone, connecting to intelligent urban transport systems and using automated vehicles are shaping the next generation of vehicles towards greater safety and efficiency.

As leader in engineering consulting and R&D services, AKKA will be supporting Ford in the analysis of fault management and of tests up to protocol level in the infotainment environment, providing services such as radio, navigation, connectivity services, app services and Human Machine Interface (HMI).

The Ford Cologne Electrification Center is being built at Ford’s Cologne site, where the manufacturer is working on the electrification of its vehicle fleet. Among the areas of focus for AKKA include electrification, autonomous driving and the digital revolution, topics that are currently driving profound innovations. With its recent reorganization of the Centers of Expertise in Germany, focusing on areas such as Connected Technologies, Digital Validation & Products and E-Mobility & Energy, AKKA has consolidate its positioning to address the future needs of the automotive manufacturers.

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