Connected Vehicle

ALD Automotive to use Danlaw’s DataLogger device for its ProFleet solution

ALD Automotive has signed a preferred partnership agreement with Danlaw to benefit from its DataLogger line of OBD-II devices and Bitbrew cloud platform in support of ALD ProFleet

ALD ProFleet, a connected car solution, leveraging Vinli’s cloud-connected car and data intelligence platform, provides fleet managers and drivers access to their real-time connected car data.

With onboard Danlaw OBD-II DataLogger devices, ALD ProFleet collects and transmits a broad range of real-time encrypted vehicle data which is stored on a secure, cloud platform. The data is processed, enriched and used to deliver a wide range of connected technology fleet services through a customizable portal for fleet managers and via a dedicated mobile app for drivers.

Earlier, Cellcontrol TM, the technology to prevent distracted driving, and Danlaw announced their collaboration. The collaboration embedded the ability to defer email, text, and inappropriate phone use while driving with Danlaw’s DataLogger hardware.

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